EPICS Design Projects

Help Develop the Next Generation of Innovators: Submit an EPICS Design Project

2016 Mines EPICS Ocean Plastic Removal Project

Each EPICS course is focused around a particular real-world design project. In EPICS I, all 500-600 students across the different sections work in teams to find creative solutions for one project with one client. Examples of past EPICS I projects include designing a toy that will encourage elementary schoolers to develop an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), adapting a wheelchair for use in rough African terrains, and creating a prototype for a sustainable water filter.


In EPICS II, each team of students works on a different project with different client (although some clients submit more than one project). These projects are typically more complex and require the base communication skills and design methodology knowledge taught in EPICS I. While these projects are varied and can be industry specific, some examples include stabilizing a slope over a road cut, designing a lunar rover, creating a solar desalienation and hydrogen harvesting device, and developing radio receivers for processing specific signals.

The best part about these design projects? You and your company can participate! Submit your own project proposal here, and check out the following links to learn more about the process:

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