EPICS 151 - 2017

EPICS 151 classes meet three times per week for a total of five hours. Each class consists of 25 students and an experienced mentor. All teams in EPICS 151 work on the same project for the entire course. In addition, two instructors lead graphics courses and hand-sketching practice as well as computer-aided drawing (SolidWorks).

Students typically work in teams of four to five members to learn and practice the fundamental skills of engineering through the use of a guided design methodology, as applied to an engineering problem with real-world implications. Mentors deliver explicit instruction or information in selected topics, such as decision making, team dynamics, communications, along with specifications for course assignments. Mentors also guide teams through the design process by providing information where needed, mediating team member issues, encouraging creative thought and logical development of design solutions that are grounded in established scientific principles and intended to meet the needs of an external client.

Spring 2017 Subject Matter Expert Schedule
All EPICS 151 students should attend at least one presentation.
Please note the time and location of each presentation.

Topic Presenter Date and Time Location
 Problem Solution Panel Discussion Student Leaders of ASCE, ASME, IEEE, SME and CSMMAC

Tuesday, January 31st, 4:00-4:50pm

BB W280

The Road-X Program

Peter Kozinski, CDOT

Friday, February 10th, 12:00-1:00pm       Green Center -     Petroleum Hall



Spring 2017 Project: RoadX Challenge

Call for Proposals Spring 2017PDF versionText only version

Frequently Asked Questions in progress.

Arduino Resources

Want to learn the basics of Arduino? Thinking of using an Arduino kit it in your EPICS 151 Project? 

Check out these tutorials:



And this presentationPDF versionText only version by Mines' Robotics Professor John Steele.


Learn more and buy supplies at these sites:

Sparkfun - Education, Code, Hardware sales

Adafruit - Education, Code, Hardware sales 

Arduino - Education, Code, Hardware sales

Amazon - Hardware Sales

Look out for more EPICS Arduino Workshops in the future!


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