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Design (EPICS) I (EPICS 151) and Design (EPICS) II (EPICS 251 or 252) are one-semester, three-credit design courses that are required for all CSM undergraduates.

Design (EPICS) I introduces a design process that includes open-ended problem solving and teamwork integrated with the use of computer software as a tool to solve engineering problems.  The course emphasizes written technical communications and introduces the importance of effective oral presentations.

Design (EPICS) II builds on the design process, continuing with open-ended problem solving and also integrating teamwork and communications with the use of specific computer software tools to solve engineering problems.  This course emphasizes oral presentation skills and builds on basic written communications skills introduced in Design (EPICS) I.

The centerpiece of both courses is an open-ended design problem that students must solve as part of a team effort.  This provides the practice that students need to become more skilled in the process of engineering design as it is practiced in the engineering workplace.






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